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Operation 'CorrUSH' - End the corruption!
ZeegunThurman 12/17/2017 9:59:30 PM
I have a solution for the corruption at the USPTO but I need to finish the report/documentation and would like to obtain resources and other information tidbits of places and people and such that could and would help me to direct said solution. Guaranteed! The information I have that is soon to be compiled into the documentation I am compiling will change everything! Reply to this post if you wish to know more or can offer assistance in obtaining contact information and such - I will share my resolved discoveries and other details if your sincere in listening. Soon! Very very soon (within 3 weeks or so). Contact me to see for yourself - I know what I am doing and know what I know, and, I know it's going to impact the whole darn system to a point no other has before. Wanna bet? Let me know. My email is my name at that YouWho Yeahaw site. ZeegunThurman at YAAAAAAAAA WHO . c0m

Seriously - It's time, and it will happen with or without YOUR help.

Send me a reply to my address above (my name at YAH WHO site) for event 'CorrUSH' details.

I can promise you don't want to miss being a part of the 'Corruption Disruption' team.

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