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Re: Re: BPAI independence
4/13/2017 6:11:06 AM
The APJ's work for the Director. Same as the examiners. They take their marching orders from the Director. If the Director decrees "quality = reject, reject, reject" then that's what the examiners do. And the APJ's affirm, affirm, affirm. That's what they do.

We are basically back to the Dufas reign. The PTO actually believes that the only way they can do a "quality" job is to reject.

And the "affirm at all costs" virus that all lifer APJ's have in their veins has been transmitted to all of the "outside" APJ's they've hired.

I read Board decisions every day. And many of them are nothing but form paragraph responses to the arguments appellants make. The APJ's are as lazy and unaccountable as the examiners and the useless management.
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